Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Round Up

My goal for January was to average .10 a day from passive income streams, and I did that. I actually averaged .14 a day, which yes, is a very small step, but for the number of articles I have out there is not that bad, especially since most of that was from Associated Content.

My bread and butter articles continue to grow more popular every month, and I don't quite know why. Either I'm doing a better job in tags, or there is some weighting system over there where the more views I get, the more likely I am to be linked on other articles. I'm also 75% of the way to level 5, and received nearly as many page views in January as I did between October and December.

I did not stick with my goal to publish 1 List My 5 list and 1 Hub per week, but I did one of each today, so I guess I can say that February is off to a good start. I continue to be impressed by the page rank of List My 5; I now have at least two lists that rank on the first page of results for their niche key words.

So, my next goal? To increase my daily earnings to twenty cents a day -- which probably won't happen in February, but I can try. To actually be better regarding Xomba linkage. To meet my goal of 1 AC article, 1 LM5 and 1 Hub per week.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Poking my head back in. Again.

I have been neglecting this blog, haven't I? In truth, work has been busy, and when I haven't been at work, I have pretty much been collapsing. A few notes from the past few days, though:
  • I received my highest number of daily page views ever on AC on Thursday. I was oh-so-close to 100, coming in at 96.
  • I've actually been having a spectacular week at AC, having received 510 views over the last 7 days. My average number of page views is going up quite significantly.
  • I hit AC payout this morning, so everything else from this point on is frosting on the month. I might even beat last month's "highest payout" number!
  • I got more adsense clicks off of Xomba and Hubpages! Slowly, the pennies keep rolling in.
  • I have "made" .10 a day for 6 of the last 7 days, which is my first (small) goal. Now if I can just keep doing that consistently.
I was looking through my List My 5 lists today and realized that hey, most of those would actually make pretty good Hubs. So, when I have some time, I may try to start translating them into Hubs.

I need to write next month's movie article for AC, and try to put together a few more hubs, and... You know, there really need to be about 24 more hours in the day.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some AC Goals

I've started using No Job For Mom's residuals tracking spreadsheet, and it's clarified something that I "knew" but hadn't registered as clearly as I should have. While I am still making the "most" money off of AdSense (at the amounts I'm talking about, it's amazing how much a few clicks will skew things!), I'm making the most consistent money off of Associated Content. They processed my first residuals payment today, and I have no doubt that as long as I write the 'bread and butter' article that I've been writing monthly, I will continue to make that 1.50 payout.

My first "baby step" goal with AC was to start making .10 a day, which means getting 67 clicks a day. I think that I've surpassed that once, and overall my average is climbing. It's probably around 40-50 clicks a day currently, which is fine for the number of current movie articles I have up (3 out of 16). In order to raise my clicks, though, I need to raise my number of articles, and I thought: why don't I re-post some of my graphic novel review articles? Especially since I can include a link to the graphic novel blog at the end of the article. I haven't done very well with review articles on AC, but at the very least, someone might click through and decide they like my blog. Plus, they're already written, so it would only be costing me the time taken to post them. So, I'm going to try posting them and seeing if they can help me reach my first baby step goal. Then, from there, I'll work towards the 100 views a day goal.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My new goal is to write 3,500 words a week, or 500 words a day. Yes, I know this is not a lot, but my motto is, after all, slow and steady. I didn't do so well with the writing in December, and in another three weeks I'm going to enter my very busy time at work, which generally does not lend itself to my having the energy to write, but. Slow and steady. This was inspired by reading a post at No Job For Mom about how really, this whole journey is accomplished in inches, not miles. About how every back link I create, every article I write, goes towards creating "the brand." It was possibly what I needed to hear. And while I may not have the energy to sit down and write a whole article in one go, it's very rarely that I can't fumble my way through 500 words.

I figured out a new article to write for AC (about half done now), which has the chance of paying off handsomely, as it would have about a 7 month shelf life. I have a second article that has grossed .90 in residuals there, and in another few days will become the article with the highest view count. I crossed the 2,000 reads mark two days ago, which was super exciting, as it took me 6 weeks to get the first 1,000 and far less than that to double it.

My niche hub continues to out perform my expectations, and is starting to get consistent google traffic. Which means that I need to put together hubs on other areas of the niche, to try to raise that hub's profile and create the 'web' that I've heard others talk about.

I know that I'm not going to get as much done as I want to tomorrow (a day off, especially since I have chores that have been piling up), but I'm excited to try to tackle some of the things on my writing 'to do' list.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Hubpages income

I was going to post this yesterday, but Blogger wasn't so big on the actual 'letting me update' thing. But: I got my first adsense clicks off of Hubpages yesterday, which -- again -- pennies in the bucket, but every penny is another step.

The thing this tells me is that I need to work on developing more hubs around this topic, because apparently the Hubpages google ranking is enough to at least get me noticed, and creating more links between hubs can only help me in the long run. So, I guess tomorrow I will be doing some research. Woo?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Some weekend goals

A few writing goals for the rest of this weekend, to get the New Year started off right (or write!):

1) Finish that article for AC that has been languishing on my hard drive for the last two weeks.
2) Figure out if my other article idea for AC is tenable, or if it would be better as a Hub.
3) Adapt 2 or 3 of my reviews for HubPages and see if they get any traction there.
4) Do the Xomba backlinks, 'cause I'm way behind on those.
5) Try to write at least one new (original) hub. Perhaps tying into the niche that I am getting a bit of traction from -- even if it's not the niche I was hoping to court.
6) Write up at least 2 more reviews for the GN blog.

I've actually started to get a few Amazon clicks (yay!) although I have yet to make a single sale. Eventually I will make one, though. I believe! I've also started to accumulate daily pennies through Adsense, which... this is where I repeat my motto: Slow and steady. This whole thing takes time. The people who are doing well have been working on this for years. And really, I'm doing this whole thing for fun.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goals for the coming year

So, it was late September, I think, when I decided that this whole writing on the Internet thing might be something that I wanted to do. In that time I have learned so (so, so) much, but I know that I have a whole lot more to learn. And I don't think that this is something I am going to let fall by the wayside, so I might as well set some goals for the coming year.

Associated Content: So far, Associated Content has been pretty good to me. I'm never going to get rich off of them, but it's fun to see the pennies accumulate every day. By the end of 2011, my it's-probably-not-going-to-happen goal would be to get $1 a day from them, and a $30 payout every month, on top of the articles that they pay me for upfront. I would also like to have added 50 more articles by the end of 2011.

Adsense: I'd like to start getting clicks consistently, which probably means writing more content that actually gets clicks. This blog, so far, has been the most profitable source of Adsense income, so I probably need to start writing more articles on the business of writing online, as that would actually give people something to read, rather than my I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing ramblings.

The Graphic Novel Blog: I've actually been doing pretty well with this blog recently, building up the content, so that people might actually be inspired to click off of the page they happen to browse in on. My goal is to a) get followers, and b) 1-2 reviews a week (or, between 50-100 reviews this year).

HubPages: I would like to add 1 hub a week, so that would be 52 more hubs this year.

List My 5: I would also like to add at least one list a week. They're usually fast, and the pennies do add up. Who knows, maybe I'll hit on another topic that hits the first page of the niche topic!

So. Here's to an awesome and productive 2011, where maybe I can actually start building up a bit more passive income!